Bizpal have exciting news!
Not only have Bizpal expanded their lending panel, they have also introduced value added services with a selection of preferred partners such as Insurance Services and Home Loans.

Managing Director Kelvin Marks adds, “We have a strong position with assisting start up and fast growth businesses to obtain funding, however the demand has increased for a broader range of finance solutions. As our customers grow and become more established, they seek longer term and lower interest rate options. We will continue to specialise in providing low doc funding solutions with flexibility, as it is integral for the business owner to have options suited to their specific business requirements.” Bizpal now have access to over 30 lenders and pride themselves on an approval rate of 98% for applications submitted.
To add additional value for clients, Bizpal searched for a highly recommended Insurance Broker and a Self Employed Home Loan Specialist. Preferred Partners were selected based on the below;
  1. An excellent understanding of self employed businesses
  2. Product offering broad enough to suit specific client needs
  3. Highly competitive pricing
  4. Highly rated customer service experience
This month, Bizpal will roll out a customer satisfaction platform where the customer will rate the level of service from both Bizpal and preferred partners. Kelvin adds, “Our customer satisfaction will now be monitored and reviewed monthly. We already have a rate of over 70% for repeat customers, however it is an area we want to grow further. We aim to do this by offering more funding options, more value services, and a long term happy customer.”
For more information on Bizpal Services, visit or call us on 1800 011 981.