Cashflow finance can be a quick and effective solution to your business needs. Unlike equipment finance or traditional bank loans, cash flow finance can often be secured faster and as an unsecured loan.

What are the benefits to an Unsecured Cashflow Loan?

While typical bank loans will require an asset as collateral, cash flow loans are typically backed by your businesses cash flow or expected revenue. Generally, they are more affordable than cash advance options and can be a viable option to a business with limited alternatives.

What can a Cashflow Loan be used for?

Cashflow finance can be used to help with a range of business needs including:

  • Supporting business growth
  • Refinancing existing business loans
  • Purchasing assets
  • Employing new staff
  • + more

Are you eligible for a Cashflow Loan?

To qualify for cash flow finance, you must have an active ABN, monthly turnover of at least $5,000, and a good credit history.

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